Welcome to the Lawrence Art Guild!

This is the official site of the Lawrence Art Guild. We will have more information about Guild meetings and activities son. Click here to learn about this year’s Art in the Park. You can contact us at: lawrenceartguildassociation@gmail.com. Or click here to subscribe to our email newsletter!

A letter from your President:

The past eighteen years have been a whirlwind.  When I joined the Lawrence Art Guild in1998 in response to the death of my father, it was a way of staying busy and working through my grief.  This organization and the people in it have been such a gift to me.

Often I’ve been asked why I would chose to become so involved.  The response is very simple, you always receive much more than you give!  Through the Guild I have met some amazing artists whose energy and creativity has given me great inspiration and strength.  Through the Guild I’ve met new life-long friends that I cherish, and through theGuild I’ve realized the importance of the volunteer movement not only to the Guild but to the community as well.

The future of the Lawrence Art Guild will be moving in a very exciting direction in the next few years. Holiday Art Fair and Art in the Park will be shining examples of our devotion to the community, grants will be given from the Art Guild to artists needing a career boost through our Career Grant, and there will be opportunities for members and non-members to show at various locations throughout the year.

For my part I will continue as your “communications liaison” through informative e-mails and will continue as your newsletter contact and of course I will see you at many events!

My deepest thanks to all of our members for your dedication and continued support of theLawrence Art Guild, and may we all live creatively!

-Linda Baranski

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”    Ralph Waldo Emerson