Guthrie, Diane

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Rain Drop Image
Spiraling Dew
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I am a straight shooter and an image-maker.  I photograph images that are positive, colorful and sometimes mysterious.  My hope is that my images awaken questions about life, nature and relationships.  I invite the viewer to notice their world in hopes that they will be motivated to create a better planet.

My work is not to manipulate images but to shift the expectations of the viewer. I aim to create magic, beauty wonder, soulfulness of objects they be plants, animals or concrete structures or water. When I take a photograph I am immersed in my subject and not just clicking away. I photograph to educate, inspire, converse and heal.

Apart from working alone, I love to collaborate with other artists. This pushes me to see things in a different way by looking at their medium of expression

My passion is to use color and shapes to connect emotionally with others and to feed their human spirit.  My goal is that people will have an experience whether it is big or small that may have previously overlooked or undiscovered.

Although I am moved by the simplest of beauty of the natural world, I view art as more that just a pretty picture but an invitation to look beyond the surface.