Duris, Heather

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Abstract Oil Painting
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Abstract Oil Painting


Heather Duris is an oil painter and jewelry artist living in Lawrence, KS.  Originally from Independence, Missouri, Heather served in the US Army as a Multimedia Illustrator and later as a Chemical Officer at Ft. Riley, Kansas, completing her term of service as a Captain.   Heather then moved to Lawrence with her husband and studied oil painting and art history at the University of Kansas.  Heather is a member of the Lawrence Art Guild Association. 

Heather’s work is sometimes completely abstracted and emotive as she closely identifies with the Abstract Expressionists.  She is also inspired by the landscape and animals of the plains.  A favorite subject matter is the American Bison.  Her most recent work is inspired by current events and feels strongly that artists have a responsibility to inspire but also to speak up about social injustice. 

Heather’s favorite artists are Color Field artists Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, and Jules Olitski.