High School Arts Program

Assisting Art Education in Public Schools

Since its inception in 1962, the Lawrence Art Guild, a 501 c (3) non-profit organization, has been passionate about connecting and sustaining the community with the Arts through advocacy and education.  In keeping with its mission to promote art awareness and creative growth the Lawrence Art Guild initiated our Public High School Arts’ Award Program beginning in 2017.  The Guild presented checks to Public High Schools serving Douglas County high school students.  The Art Teachers were presented checks to help with art materials and supplies needs they are not able to meet with their school budgets.

Each year the Lawrence Art Guild Arts' Program awards $7000 to seven Public High School art teachers for art supplies and material.  The Guild presents $1000 checks to USD 497-Lawrence, USD 348-Baldwin, USD 343-Perry-Lecompton, USD 491-Eudora, USD 434-Santa Fe Trail, USD 287-Franklin, and USD 450-Shawnee Heights.

It is our fervent hope that the extra funds will enable the high school art teachers to purchase equipment, assist students in portfolio preparations for college, subsidize high school art shows or simply purchase necessary supplies for their classrooms.  All of the school districts serve Douglas County students. 

Program Response

Recently a representative of the Lawrence Art Guild Association spoke with one of the art teachers in a small Douglas County school that had received money from our arts program.  The teacher was elated with receiving extra money for their program. A decision was also made to split the $1000 with the middle school art teacher in the district.  How fitting!

Each art teacher in this school district receives $1500 per year for art supplies in the classroom. This necessitates charging a small fee to students.  Recently, the high school art teacher bought a color printer at the beginning of the school year. She had wanted to make this purchase for the past 30 years, but the budget would not allow until this past year.  The printer is used as a teaching tool in color matching. It allows her students to mix colors and compare the tip of the paint brushes to the colors in the printed picture. When it was time to replace the cartridge (at a cost of $400) the school did not have the money.  Now, instead of an idle printer, they have a functioning classroom tool. 

As artists and art lovers we all know how expensive art supplies are and a budget of $1500 does not begin to cover expenses of an active and thriving art program. 

Art provides a foundation all youth can draw from, and can provide a positive outlet for learning, personal expression, and independence. Please help by donating to the High School Arts Program through the Art Guild.  Your contribution will be earmarked specifically to the high schools. The Douglas County art students thank you!