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Who we are

The Lawrence Art Guild is a not for profit organization established for artists by artists over 58 years ago.  From the very beginning we have provided an outlet for local artists to express their artistic talents in several events on an annual basis.  Time serves us well, and our reason for “being” has matured with a threefold approach.  We love [making] art, we love selling original works of art [even more], and we love advancement of the arts as our priority.

We would love to see you join our organization! If you have questions please let us know.

As Pablo Picasso once said: “All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain as artist once he grows up”.  Making the arts accessible to all is present in our everyday mission…with each other, with the community, and with our schools.

Art in the Park - 2019


The week began with rain and more rain and thoughts that perhaps we would be rained out. But Sunday was a beautiful sunshiny day.  The artists began arriving as early as 6:00am and South Park was once again dotted with artists tents, Food trucks on Massachusetts Street, and music from the Gazebo Bandstand filled the park.


A very special thank you to over 125 artists! You made the event a success! Artists came from across Kansas as well as Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Oklahoma.


Each year artist’ work is judged on-site by individuals representing local artists and/or art organizations.  Awards are based on the overall quality of art displayed by each artist. This year our judges were Margaret Weisbrod Morris and Kent Smith.

BEST OF SHOW – Jeremy Hansen -painting ($500)
1st Place – Matthew Roman - (wood) $300
2nd  Place – Cydney Ross - (jewelry) $200
3rd Place - Charles Shotton - (wood) $100


Larry Graner (wood)
Diane Guthrie (photography
Mel Hallenbeck (ceramics)
Molly Murphy (painting)
Lex Sova (jewelry)

A word of thanks to our volunteers and support staff who work behind-the-scene months before the event.

Phoenix Gallery Art in the Park Preview Show: Thank you Dusty Meyers, Sue Shoemaker-Shea and Dr. Dan Ranjbar for your support of the artists of this community. They handed out hundreds of string packs for the patrons and sponsor our Preview Show in their beautiful gallery.

Artist Hospitality Table: Pam Rees coordinated donations, planned pick up, set up and cleaned up. Pam did a great job with help from Gail Johnson and their work was so very appreciated by the artists and volunteers.

Food Donations: Checkers, Dillons, Great Harvest Bakery, Natural Foods, Sprouts Farmers’ Market, and Frito Lay provided much needed food to our artists and volunteers.

Sign Distribution: Roura Young was such a huge help this year! She came up with many creative ways to market the event.

Poster Distribution: Most of the impact of our advertising comes from the posters throughout Lawrence and surrounding cities. Thank you to Julie Kingsbury, Sue Reeder, Gregg and Kathie Duguid, Chelsea McKee, Adeline Unekis and the Free State High School Art Club Volunteers.

Artist Booth Mapping Committee: This job is probably the biggest volunteer position. It hours to complete and this crew has been doing this for years. A huge thank you to Alan Brummell, Julie Kingsbury and  Robbin Looma

Mapping Artist Locations at the Park: Alan and Jan Brummell, Adeline, David, Joe, Shirly Unekis, and Diane Guthrie helped map out the park, this job changes every year depending on the park conditions.

Map Layout Graphic and Website Management: The map graphic is a time consuming job, and David Unekis has found a way to fit this into his busy schedule for many years.

Artist Check In/Check Out/Artist Support: Starting as early as 6:00 am!  These volunteers help with all aspects of artist support, answering questions and helping with public support at the Information Booth. Check out this year was a little hectic and tedious but they kept a cool head and made it through. Our LAG President: Maria Martin was the coordinator this year with these amazing volunteers: Don Martin, Shanna Wagner, Barbara Reid, Shirly Unekis, Kathleen and Dennis Hayward, Laurie Culling, Alan Collins and the Lawrence High School Art Club Volunteers with Angela Young putting in a full day as Coordinator.

Food Vendor Coordinator: Madina Salaty is someone we have been able to count on for years to make sure things run smoothly and it is a comfort to have her at the park.

Music Coordinator: Billy Ebeling finds some really amazing talent to perform every year. He keeps everyone on track and we are so lucky to have him.

Artist Assistance and Trash Pick Up: Troop 61! Every year the artists ask to have them back. Their leadership and great work ethic is to be applauded. They help with whatever that is asked of them and always go above and beyond.

Thank you to Rowan Green, Brandon Thorngate and Duane Peterson with The City of Lawrence for all of your assistance. Duane Peterson picks up the music stands for the City Band and returns them every year.