Newsletter May 2019



Due to inclement weather forecast the Annual Membership Meeting has moved to June 17th. More information to follow.



May 28, 2019

Nomination for position of President and Treasurer for term beginning June 2019 through May 2021.

Nominate/vote at this year’s elections.

Lawrence Art Guild

Nomination of Officers

Annual Business Meeting

May 28, 2019

6:30 PM

Lawrence Public Library, Conference Room C

As stated in the Lawrence Art Guild By-Laws, Article IV:  Directors; Section 4: Election:

“…chosen annually by the membership, and each shall hold the office for a period of two (2) years …. Prior to the annual business meeting of the Guild, the Board of Directors shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of five (5) members, who shall nominate officers from the Guild and who shall present such nominations at the organizational meeting.  Nominations of officers may be presented from the floor at said annual business meeting.  The consent of each candidate shall be obtained before their name is placed in nomination.  Election of directors shall be by a majority vote of the members through written ballot or any other manner as may be determined by the meeting.”

The present Board Officers are President Maria Martin, Vice President Dennis Hayward, Treasurer Linda Baranski, and Secretary JanetLynn Zuk.  Each Officer serves a two-year term and since we are just recently re-organized, the Directors are asking if the members are willing to take a vote on keeping the current Board instead of appointing a search committee for nominees. Presently the position of President and Treasurer are up for nomination May 2019.  The Vice President and Secretary have one more year of their term.  Maria Martin (President) and Linda Baranski (Treasurer) have stated they are willing to serve another term and have stepped forward for another term.

No exception was noted, so this year the Board will forego selection of a Nomination Committee.  The By-Laws allow nominations from the floor at the annual May meeting so the intent is to open the floor for anyone willing to serve can step forward as a nominee for any position.